Euthanising the Elderly – the Not so Human Face of Agenda 21

This is the real face of Agenda 21, already operative in governments (corporations parading as governments) and local governments world wide. (To learn more about Agenda 21 visit our Agenda 21 pages at the links in the article). It is about the plan for global governance that our former PM Helen Clarke is currently working on. The real agenda is not so much governance as control.

This is a real Agenda 21 commercial shown on The Blaze channel in the US. It is a thinly veiled ad for euthanasia. Watch your loved ones in hospital because already hospitals are making decisions about whether they live or die often without family consent. Yes I’ve heard of this happening in NZ from many people. Patients are given ‘nil by mouth’ which means also, no water. Your loved one can die of thirst. Research for yourself the Liverpool Care Pathway. Here are some links to start with:

A pathway to euthanasia? Family revive father doctors ruled wasn’t worth saving

  • Andy Flanagan was rescued from dying on debated Liverpool Care Pathway
  • Doctors told his family that he was close to death after a cardiac arrest
  • His family gave him drops of water that helped him come round before doctors agreed to put him back on a drip
  • His sister Lesley Flanagan said the method was ‘licence to kill’

Read the full story here:

Police probe the death of mother on ‘care pathway’: Son claims ‘cruel’ withdrawal of fluids and food was ‘attempted murder’

  • Peter Tulloch, 55, of Bedfordshire, had visited his mother Jean in hospital
  • Said she had been isolated and her intravenous drip had been removed
  • Wants police to probe if ‘extremely cruel’ treatment was attempted murder

Police were last night investigating a complaint by the son of an elderly woman who died in hospital after her food and fluids were allegedly withdrawn without his agreement.

Peter Tulloch says his 83-year-old mother Jean had her intravenous drip removed even though she was ‘far from being dead’.

Read more:

See also:

Cancer mum denied chance to say goodbye ‘because doctors did not try to keep her alive’: Grieving husband says she could have lived another two years

  • Mother-of-six Andrea West, 35, went into palliative care centre last month
  • But she died within days of being admitted for what was a ‘routine infection’
  • Her husband Chris had found her labelled with ‘do not resuscitate’ notice
  • This was against the wishes of her family, who wanted to prolong her life

Read more:

This can be called little other than thinly veiled euthanasia … an agenda originated to assist those suffering with terminal illness, however as is always with thin ends of wedges, people with other illnesses that weren’t life threatening have been drawn in.

Denying water to a dying soul hastens on death & increases suffering. Agenda 21 is a UN document that sounds benevolent with all its spin on sustainability – but is really about depopulation & control. It is also behind the rate hikes we are seeing now. Agenda 21 policy is found planet wide now in our governments (really corporations) and local government. It is here in NZ. Again, watch out for your loved ones in hospitals. Guard them like a hawk. These are different times to a generation ago. Lives are not counted highly especially those of the elderly.

While currently I’ve seen articles saying the LCP is no longer, I am still seeing ‘nil by mouth’ here in NZ. So really, is it over? I doubt it.

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    1. The sad thing is, these people relied on their parents when they were helpless infants. If the same rule applied then, their lives would have been ended. … Thank you for the link & further comments LDS-HOMESCHOOL-MOM. Appreciated : )

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  1. “I have lived a good life.” Now let the kids live an evil, controlled life of slavery. I will not be here to tell them about the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I will not be here with my wisdom to guide them. That is what the UN wants. I will just give it to them.


  2. In The Affordable Care ACT in the U.S.A., it says that every 5 years, the elderly will get “end of life counseling.” I think this is when they are convinced that their life is not worth living, they are a burden, and they may as well be gone. It is required, so nobody can escape it.


    1. Thanks for your comments LDS-HOMESCHOOL-MOM. I did not know about that part of the Affordable Care Act & ‘end of life counseling’. I’m somewhat shocked! How those dear elderly people feel a burden anyway, even to those who truly love & desire them to remain. And yet this would totally undermine any confidence they may have in being wanted. This is not something we have here in NZ…yet. Think I will do a post on it. Any links would be appreciated : )


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