Kathmandu destroys stock, sends to landfill

This is the typical lip service that our country, government included, pays to ‘sustainability’. That is a word that comes from Agenda 21 & was never intended, IMO, to ever be reality. Our country is now corrupt to the core!

Sixfoot Journalism

Kathmandu merchandise has been deliberately destroyed by staff and tossed in a landfill bin. (Photo: Nicole Barratt)

Kathmandu Takapuna is deliberately destroying stock and sending it to landfill.

Four Barrys Point Rd workers have reported witnessing Kathmandu staff “slashing sleeping bags” and “slicing through clothing” before tossing the damaged goods into dumpsters.

Kathmandu’s website states: “We strive to limit the waste generated from our products and our operations.”

Kathmandu also aims to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2018.

Jamie Giles, an employee of a neighbouring store, said he has witnessed Kathmandu staff destroying and dumping their stock “at least five times” in the last year.

Giles said: “They wheel trolleys to the bins and often they’ll set up tables. Then they slash everything with box cutters to the point where it’s unusable.”

Giles said Kathmandu aren’t discrete about destroying their stock.

“Last week they slashed two six-person tents in…

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