“Our Daily Dose” of Fluoride

We’ve recently had NZ’s decision to hand over fluoridation of our water and decisions pertaining to, to local health authorities instead of district councils. Suddenly they are concerned about tooth decay in our children, whilst they care nothing about many who go hungry. They also are totally ignoring the damning evidence against, and complete lack of data confirming the usefulness of fluoride to our health. Educate yourself with independent research because neither corporations nor governments (corporations in disguise) are going to tell you the truth. Kiwis, see here a Whangarei dentist speaking out about all of the above here.



Our Daily Dose

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Published on Oct 19, 2015

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Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century, water fluoridation is something most of us assume to be safe and effective. But new science has upended this assumption, revealing that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. The CDC tells us that drinking fluoride decreases tooth decay, at best, by 25%. That is one-half to one cavity per person over a lifetime. Is one less cavity worth risking a child’s long-term brain and thyroid health? It’s time to rethink this very old practice.

In OUR DAILY DOSE, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors, activists, and attorneys close to the issue. Through thoughtful examination of old beliefs and new science, the film alerts us to the health threat present in the water and beverages we rely on every day. This is an eye-opening look at how we have less control over our health than we may have thought.





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    1. Yep agree Peter …what we’ve read has lead us to believe that it’s helpful, however if you watch the video here the scientific evidence is presented quite concisely as to why it doesn’t in fact help. It’s pretty damning really. : (


  1. Folks who follow my blog/site will know that I aim to expose lies and promote truth. It is for this reason I do not intend to publish any comments that favour the lies our government/corporations have been feeding us through their corporate media for decades. Their so called ‘science’ and research has been corporately funded for as long also, and is far from independent and unbiased. This is clear in the history of the medical industry that profits from cancer ‘no cure’. I am not interested in promoting their views in any way shape or form. Neither do I have the time to get into convoluted debates concerning their research, like that proffered by Monsanto in favour of their carcinogenic Glyphosate. These behemoths have effectively removed our right even to choose what we ingest by refusing for instance to label GM food, by spraying our food with Glyphosate and other chemicals, by adding fluoride to our drinking water and by trashing our public water ways with industrial, agricultural and human pollution. At least if you choose to believe the ‘science’ mainstream feeds us, allow us the liberty of choosing to decline all of the above. Disturbingly, this is becoming more and more difficult to do.


    1. Sure, healthy debate is good, but I’m not prepared to have it here sorry. I’ve outlined my reasons here in the comments. All that aside, I am pro choice, and currently we have to pay to filter fluoride out. It should be that those who want fluoride add it themselves.


  2. To the pro fluoride lobby whose comments I’ve blocked, who seem concerned at folks hearing the truth – we are already ingesting your product in our food & water without our consent. Save the debate for another blog.


    1. “To the pro fluoride lobby whose comments I’ve blocked, who seem concerned at folks hearing the truth . . ”

      In the United States, we have a strong belief in freedom of speech. The way it works is that we allow all people to voice opinions & present evidence. And then we let people determine what the truth is. Your censorship is a slap in the face to that concept.


      1. That’s a bit rich David. You feed us fluoride without our consent … without prior testing … then try to argue against censorship! Ha! I reserve the right to not entertain your debunking exercises on my blog. I do aim to present the info that is contrary to what MSM have fed us for decades, along with the fluoride in our water, medications and other products, again, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. Please feel free to discuss why you want the continued forced fluoridation of populations by your respective governments (corporations) on the many other fluoridation sites that exist. If you are so concerned about the health of our nation’s teeth, since fluoride is already instated here, why not focus your attention on eliminating the sugar that corporations add to everything?


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