to ~ the governmental twats that are messing with my raw milk supply…

On the raw milk debacle, from one of my favourite Kiwi bloggers who tells it like it is … big pharma is intent on blocking our access to healthy options it seems.

the B side | the re write

Kia Ora,
I have just got myself reasonably up to speed on the changes the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) are making to the supply of raw milk.
My concern, as an avid consumer of raw milk, is that if my supplier cannot meet all the new requirements, then I am effectively out of a milk source. We have had 2 suppliers that have shut their doors, leaving only one in our area. And we travel 40 minutes each way to get that milk.
I have read the statistics regarding raw milk versus pasteurized and do not agree with any of them.
While I understand that you have had (minimal) cases where there may have been a dodgy milk supply, and I do not disagree with putting measures in place to make suppliers more conscientious about how they collect and distribute their product; I am deeply concerned that for…

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