An exposé of Smart Meters & the fire risk that goes with them

Fire risk is one of the less well known problems with  Smart Meters aka, in NZ, Advanced Meters. The oft quoted justifications with them are ‘accuracy’ and ‘safety’, however the first is debunked immediately with many reports of highly inflated power bills, both abroad and here in NZ (and I mean highly inflated, I’ve heard of bills over $1k!). Safety however has been not so well proven to date or, any risks have been carefully concealed. This was evident in the doco Take Back Your Power. Here we have the fire risk in greater detail. These meters generate revenue for power companies by collecting data, a huge industry. People report difficulties with the operation of appliances and the levels of pulsing and subsequent emission of RF radiation is up to 190,000 times per day creating a huge health risk. This is borne out by experts in the field of radiation risks. Additionally the meters come with a remote disconnect ability which, when put to use, cause arcing and subsequent fire risk. There is more, please watch the video and be informed. If you have one of these meters already in close proximity to where you work, sleep or simply spend your day, consider having it removed. For help with that visit Stop Smart Meters NZ Kiwis. There are similar sites world wide for further information. Research the health and other risks and make an informed decision about them. If you don’t already have one, it is easier to prevent installation than it is to get one removed.




4 thoughts on “An exposé of Smart Meters & the fire risk that goes with them”

  1. when our 100 year old home was rewired, a smart meter was put in without our consent or knowledge.
    Now we have tried to find out how to get it removed, with no results.
    However, “someone” supposedly came and removed the ‘sensor’…but we never saw anyone come here to do it and no note was left….but we were sent the notification of the work being done, via email !
    Who do we contact to have the meter removed and what would they replace it with?????


    1. Hi Carol. Are you in NZ? This behaviour of just changing meters like that without the owners’ knowledge is common. Especially for those with outside meters. (For anyone who hasn’t one put a notice on it, “I don’t consent to a SM”). What people are doing is, if their current provider refuses to remove, then negotiating with an alternative provider, depending on what they are prepared to do. It appears Contact are offering alternative meters now. Some companies will take out the chip reducing RFR however it’s only a partial answer to the problem. The stopsmartmeters site is your best source of advice and support in that smart meters are their sole focus. You can also make contact & discuss your options with those there who’ve been down the same track. Here’s a link to the nz site – if you’re not NZ, there are similar sites world wide.
      Please do let us know here how you get on : )


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