Fake looking dandelions seen falling in the Rangitikei – are they fallout from geoengineering?

Close up it is clumped and looks like dandelion ‘parachutes’, minus the seed

Being a close observer of our environment and various strange phenomena that fall from the skies these days, I observed and collected these dandelion looking samples on 23 December 2015. I had seen them several times on previous occasions over 2015 and wondered about them as they look artificial. Why I believe they’re fake is firstly they look synthetic & unlike a real dandelion seed. They had, to me, the appearance of synthetic dacron padding. They are clumped like dandelion seed parachutes but there is no seed. Secondly they’ve come down with the long filaments that attach to my clothes line & fences most days or that carpet the ground. (People are seeing these world wide, see here for videos). Thirdly they aren’t coming down daily as you’d expect with something natural, instead they appear in one smallish window of time & that’s it. Lastly, when collecting these specimens my face itched. As often happens when this kind of stuff including the filaments fall. Some of it’s near invisible so you can’t even avoid it. Ok, short of a lab test I can’t prove this but I suspect they’re fake. So I’ve burned them, along with real dandelion samples and as you will see, the fake looking ones do indeed appear to be fake by the way they responded to flame, igniting and vanishing with no trace. The real ones were hard to set light and left ash.

I posted this find here at the contrail initially for discussion. There are some interesting thoughts there from people experienced in this field including links and excerpts. There are also sightings by other people from various forums and Youtube. Please click on the contrail link to read. (If there is anything of yours you object to being there please let me know & I will take it down).

Tiny and like a dandelion in the grass, I observed it floating to the ground
Along with some other samples I’d captured two days or so prior
A close-up of one clump, looking like dandelion seeds
This image is desaturated (at thecontrail.com) looking even more artificial

The video here demonstrates how both the original samples and a real dandelion responded to flame. Very interesting results.


Chemwebs are Phthalate Endocrine Disruptors, French Scientist, 2014
Chemwebs Are Not Spider Webs, SCIENTIFIC PROOF, 1 24 2016

Both videos from ‘The HAARP Report’ Channel



Local video Playlist on Youtube


World-wide videos of webs and filaments



3 thoughts on “Fake looking dandelions seen falling in the Rangitikei – are they fallout from geoengineering?”

  1. Still look at that video and think its quite odd how it burns, but in a email to me you mentioned someone mentioned cottonwood seed and from this video https://youtu.be/U7Gm4XImSeI i would just about say the same thing.
    Without having a sample tested, we can only presume that it is a natural piece of fluff. Pretty impressive how it burns though 😉
    And thats the other odd thing, it seems to have no head or tiny seed attached plus, when looking at cotton seed images, don’t seem to see those colors appearing, which makes one wonder if it could be some sort of chaff…. fiberglass coated aluminum.
    I think if anything drops from the sky or floats in and looks unusual, the best thing is to have it tested.


    1. I’ve had a conversation since the video with a guy who said search fuel gum. I’ll find & post the conversation tomorrow. Been going to update the video but haven’t had time yet. What he says makes sense.


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