TPPA – important notices & dates for upcoming events


Things are warming up on the TPPA front with plans by the powers that be to sign on 4th February and it’s rumoured … at the Skytower. They will be keeping that under wraps for sure. I’m just mailing out the public notices regarding events from FB who have asked folks to share. Likewise do share these notices, email to your friends, tell the neighbours. The more on board the better. There are NZ wide meetings you may consider attending if possible. For further updates here go to the TPPA news page. Do please let me know if I’ve missed anything or if there’s anything you’d like shared, either here or on FB if you’re not a member.  EnvirowatchRangitikei


A blogger writes … “So as some of you may or may not be aware. Our country is about to be sold on February 4th. Informers from Chile say the signing of the TPPA will be held here @ the skytower in Auckland New Zealand. When it is signed, our basic human rights will be stripped of us! They will sell the land, our home to foreign countries, more mining, water and air rates, prohibited to grow your own organics, loom seeds will be banned, prohibited to live off grid, not allowed to feed and clothe homeless, or to help poverty, etc etc.. as if they want to decrease population and destroy our mother earth sooner..shit that’s in humane! NZ citizens are calling for a march larger than ever. If you care about your children’s future, seek out sources for more info. And take one last stand!

Even though the TPPA may commence…as Tangatawhenua, we have to live trying to prevent such events, in respect of our forefathers who dedicated their lives for our current slice of freedom. And also regarding the future of our Pepe’s…please don’t ignore this.”  SOURCE







THE UPRISING 2016 HIKOI against the TPPA. 11am FEB 4 Lower Queen St – Myers Park / Sky City. Nau mai Haere mai e nga iwi o te motu


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  1. One problem is that people simply don’t believe the corporate elite will eventually move to ban backyard vegetable plots. They don’t understand that anything – literally anything – that smacks of personal autonomy or self-sufficiency is anathema to the elite. That’s why the elite also want to ban, or greatly restrict access to, all health supplements and alternative treatments. From cradle to grave, our lives are to be completely medicalized. We can also look forward to the banning of cash and the compulsory microchipping of our bodies.

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    1. Yes I agree Alan. All well indoctrinated by the media here. If it’s on telly or in the newspaper it must be correct. It will be total control by increments … and we’re already well down the track of increments. The writing’s been on the wall for a long time too about the health supplements and gardening, especially seeing what is happening in the U.S. right now. They will realize when it’s too late sadly. BTW interesting site too … I will be sharing the YT video on Chris Savage. Shocking info. I knew about the vaccines and suspected the shaken baby scenario was just that, vaccine injury…Thanks for your comment : )


  2. I’m afraid the indoctrination failed miserably in my case, despite (or because of?) the 48 years I spent in daily newspaper journalism – first at The Japan Times in Tokyo and then at the Manawatu Standard in Palmerston North. Talking about vaccine damage… We have an interesting case here in Palmerston North, in which a young man with no history of violence was accused of “lashing out” and causing massive brain injuries to a toddler who was briefly in his care. According to news reports, much of the child’s brain “turned to mush and was reabsorbed”. At his trial, the man pleaded not guilty, but was, of course, convicted. He still maintains he is innocent, and is having problems with the Parole Board for that reason. He is being told by everyone that he is “in denial”.

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    1. Ha! failed in my case too. I had the good fortune to hear a guy travel & speak on all of this stuff during the 70s. It all came as no surprise to me. Pre internet so he relied on news clippings & word of mouth as he traveled lecturing. Very interesting man. Re the vaccines, would be heart rending for the parents.


      1. I have posted a recent newspaper clipping about the Peter Moran case at . I referred the case to WAVESnz – the anti-vaccination group – which commented, “Clueless defendant; incompetent counsel” – or words to that effect. But as far as I know, vaccine damage officially doesn’t exist in New Zealand. Statistically, we must have girls whose lives have been ruined by the HPV vaccine Gardasil. We must have people who have developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome after having their annual flu shot. But where are they? We never hear about them. Or am I missing something?


        1. ‘We never hear about them’ … hang no & we’re not likely to be either except from the likes of honest professionals with integrity … plus ourselves & many others exposing the lies. The Gardasil vaccinations are horrific. On the flu shot, a woman I know in her 80s was recently hospitalized for pneumonia, she almost died. Her Doctor told her so and added she was lucky she’d had the vaccination or she probably would have died! Thankfully many are waking up though. I personally know of 3 with affected kids who are very aware now. The big test will be when they try & make it compulsory here. TY for the link too. Scary.


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