Death of the Pacific Ocean:Fukushima/Mass-Extinction, in Progress

More information on Fukushima … the disaster that contrary to mainstream media reports never went away. It continually gets worse… (article, with thanks, from

Useful Eaters: If you are not in the kitchen you are on the menu.

2016 is here. And with a vengeance.
“Vengeance is mine” allegedly sayeth the lord.
You could say the same thing about Mother Nature.
Because when any creature defies the Laws of Nature, the grace and good-will of Mother Nature issues a courtesy-warning, and our insticts and intellect can pick it up loud and clear: it’s called “danger.”
And when that danger is recognized, all manner of evasive or problem-solving tactics and strategies can be devised and deployed.
But when danger is not recognized, and warnings ignored,the outcome is “written” so to speak, almost “predestined” by God and/or Nature itself:

Mother Natures final notice of terminal error.
For almost 5 years now, according to Japanese and other scientists, 300 metric tons of intensely radioactive plutonium water has been pouring relentlessly into the pacific ocean, from the THREE nuclear power plants STILL BURNING at Fukushima.
In other words, to date, 529,500…

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3 thoughts on “Death of the Pacific Ocean:Fukushima/Mass-Extinction, in Progress”

  1. Its a word a lot of people cant get their head around, death. Well in reality, death follows life, its just a natural thing that cant be stopped.
    But when you see the likes of Fukushima and the devastating toll it is taking, then you see the chemtrailing going on, which is loading the atmosphere in nano particulate crap (more or less invisible to the naked eye) and other activity that slowly kills living breathing species off, its time to wake up and speak up and wonder why is truth being hidden?
    The title drew my attention to a website i have watched grow and grow over the years. Its incredible to see this list. It can be viewed for the last 5 years, by the year.
    Interesting to see with particularly the fish die offs is the word oxygen e.g. “rate of dissolved oxygen”, “reduction of oxygen levels”,”dissolved oxygen levels” and as always investigations will be carried out but, we never hear the reasoning behind a lot of these deaths.
    Then when you look at the amount of cattle that have been lost, it makes one wonder if al this falls under Agenda 21….
    “United Nations Agenda 21 protocol that says meat consumption is “NOT SUSTAINABLE”


    1. Truth. I reckon a lot of the die offs will be Fukushima, but yes plenty more to kill them off as well in terms of pollution. TY for links. And yes, Agenda 21 for sure. And depopulation as per Georgia Guidestones going on all around. Our food supply diminishing fast. BTW Anne Bressington is on the Agenda 21 page here. Brilliant brief expose isn’t it? (along with Rosa Koire who describes it well).


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