NZ dentist speaks out against fluoride

“New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where some councils still choose to fluoridate the water. 97% of European countries do not fluoridate their water supplies. Fluoridation is increasingly being challenged around the world as awareness grows.” (Fluoride Free NZ)

Here is a 28 minute video from Vinny Eastwood’s channel featuring a NZ dentist, Dr Stan Litras from Wellington … he is speaking out against fluoride. Take note when a professional in the field speaks up. They are not generally speaking off the top of their heads or out of ignorance. The fluoride added to our water supplies are is in fact industrial waste. See the links on our Fluoride page.



One thought on “NZ dentist speaks out against fluoride”

  1. Folks who follow my blog/site will know that I aim to expose lies and promote truth. It is for this reason I do not intend to publish any comments that favour the lies our government/corporations have been feeding us through their corporate media for decades. Their so called ‘science’ and research has been corporately funded for as long also, and is far from independent and unbiased. This is clear in the history of the medical industry that profits from cancer ‘no cure’. I am not interested in promoting their views in any way shape or form. Neither do I have the time to get into convoluted debates concerning their research, like that proffered by Monsanto in favour of their carcinogenic Glyphosate. These behemoths have effectively removed our right even to choose what we ingest by refusing for instance to label GM food, by spraying our food with Glyphosate and other chemicals, by adding fluoride to our drinking water and by trashing our public water ways with industrial, agricultural and human pollution. At least if you choose to believe the ‘science’ mainstream feeds us, allow us the liberty of choosing to decline all of the above. Disturbingly, this is becoming more and more difficult to do.


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