NASA Scientist: “There Are Different Types of Chemtrails”

Here in an article from Chemtrailsplanet we have a NASA Scientist (take note those who are of the ‘conspiracy’ persuasion) … who in a recorded conversation with a member of the public, quite casually discusses the different kinds of CHEMTRAILS (his term) they employ … different at night to those sprayed during the day. Please listen, read & educate yourself to this very real phenomenon/science/practice that is being totally denied by our respective governments. (For Rangitikei readers, the header image was captured over the Rangitikei in 2015).


Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

In this recorded phone call, NASA heliophysicist, Douglas E. Rowland confirms many types of chemtrail tests have been performed since the 1970’s. 

Dr. Rowland says:  “There’s different types of chemtrails”.


Douglas E. Rowland NASA MugThe following is Sue’s phone conversation with Douglas E. Rowland from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliophysicist – Laboratory for Space Weather.

Sue referenced and article that appeared in the Huffington Post “ NASA’s Independence Day ‘Fireworks:’ Agency Marks Fourth Of July With Two Rocket Launches”. Her concern was the behavioral consequences of the rocket’s release of a, ” lithium gas compound designed to…

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