Chemtrails, Frequent Flyers and Aerotoxic Syndrome

We are being sprayed in NZ also. This is factual … the Govts of the world however continue to deny it. Research the evidence.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Chemtrails Pilots Header

A Case for Including Chemtrails in the Disability Known as “Aerotoxic Syndrome”

Hsaive – 12/10/2015:  Aerotoxic Syndrome is said to be caused by a neurotoxins from engine oil fumes called organophophastes. The Aerotox Association of pilots has been attempting to litigate the issue of pilot disability and death for years.
They say that blood tests support organophasphates as the cause of the neurological disability but – to my knowledge –  say nothing about blood tests for heavy metal or aluminum toxicity.

In 2009 I suggested that nano-aluminum or other chemtrail aerosol particles could also be part of the problem by contributing to or amplifying the toxicity of the organophosphates.

My input was rejected, probably because they were reluctant to lose credibility by introducing the conspiracy theory of “chemtrails”.

I’m encouraged that a possible breakthrough in the chemtrails stonewall by the Aerotoxic Association is seen in this documentary that depicts obvious…

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