Leaked Photos of Chemtrail Spraying System

Chemtrails/Geoengineering are very real & factual. Our own NZ is being sprayed also.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

12/2/2015:  Leaked Photos of Chemical Dispersal System

Harold Saive-mugComment:   This interesting post clearly demonstrates how easily passenger aircraft, like this Boeing-737, can be converted to spray chemicals of many types and for many purposes, into the atmosphere. Commercical jets that spray chemtrails may not have any passengers on board and could well be leased by the military or other third party as in the case of this AirTran jet.   (Video)

Boeing 737-smDue to stated altitude limitations below 10,000 ft., this system does not represent what would be expected in a typical “chemtrails” disbursement system at passenger or military jet flight levels above 30,ooo feet.

No doubt, many versions of “portable” chemical disbursement systems exist that have capability to spray “chemtrails” and later return to service as a cargo, or even commercial passenger aircraft. (H Saive)

All comments and photos below are submitted by a confidential source

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