Interview: Retired KLM Pilot Confirms Chemtrails Linked to Climate Modification

Further confirmation of the reality of climate modification. The evidence is there, keep an open mind and research it.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Pilot Willem Felderhof Interviewed on Richie Allen Show

11/25/2015 – Former KLM Pilot, Willem Felderhof is interviewed on the Richie Allen Show.

Points of Interest from Felderhof:

  • The High-bypass turbofan engine cannot produce a persistent contrail.
  • Chemtrails are mostly sprayed from nozzles located near the engine exhaust.
  • Interior photos of barrels inside aircraft are FAA weight and balance testing –  not apparatus used in chemtrails tankers.
  • Low-cost airlines are financially blackmailed to spray chemtrails.
  • Contrary to popular intuition, commercial pilots are seldom aware of chemtrails until challenged to process what they see by people they trust.

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