MY Journey back from Cancer!

Here is an inspiring journey of one woman’s journey back from cancer. Proof again that it is possible and there are cures … thanks to her testimony and those of others we can have renewed hope that the big C is not necessarily a death sentence.

Mother Nature And You

12 It was approximately summer of 1999. I was just pulling myself together after an unimaginable family devastation. My life was just rebuilding. I lived in a beautiful farm house in the UK surrounded by 40 hectors of land. I ran a successful full time business and had 11 children and a daughter named Sarah who I shared with her other Mum. I was fully and financially responsible for all my children, with exception of Sarah. Now 12 children may sound crazy but this story continues later when 6 more additions to the family arrive. I had 4 biological children, then adopted and took full legal guardianship of the other 7 wonderful souls. I only had 4 children living at home at the time, others were now making their way in life as best they could.

Life on the outside looked fine, big house, lots of land, successful business, children privately educated, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2…

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