The Kiwi Saver Scam Finally Comes Home To Roost.

Someone I know told me just the other day that $3K had gone missing from his Kiwi Saver account … be warned people.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

On the Facebook page John Key has let down New Zealand (If you don’t know about this page consider becoming a member. You would join more than 16.000 of us) people are waking up to the fact that overnight the have lost thousands of dollars of value on their Kiwi savers account. This is, so they are told, the result of the fluctuations on the stock market.

With about $ 1.5 quadrillion in unaccountable derivatives and financial products waiting to collapse and about $ 32 trillion in unnecessary trades made every year to make stockbrokers and banks richer and richer and investors around the globe poorer and poorer this may well be true but what causes the current fluctuations in the market and how will it end for you the Kiwi saver is a question that should be asked and for some reason never is.

John Key, who as an…

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