Fluoride: A Documented Central Nervous System Toxin

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

fluoride is a toxing - dees

Documentary – FLOURIDE:  The Bazaar History

FLUORIDE Reduces IQ in Children: With the latest publication released from Harvard in Sept, 2012 many previous studies have already confirmed Fluoride targets children as victims of reduced IQ and mental impairment.

FLUORIDE Imported from China: Much of the fluoride added to municipal water supplies is imported from Chinaand is contaminated with heavy metals

FLUORIDE Contamination at ALCOA Plant: Oct, 2012 – Fluoride concentration in grass near the ALCOA Fjardaál smelter temporarily increased

ALCOA Acquires Reynolds Metals in 2000: The Richmond, Virginia-based company – Reynolds Metals– producers of well-known Reynolds Wrap and Food Packaging was acquired by ALCOA.

ALCOA link to Big Tobacco: In 1919, R.J. Reynolds‘ nephew – Richard S. Reynolds, Sr. founded the U.S. Foil Company in Louisville, Kentucky, supplying tin-lead wrappers to cigarette and candy companies. in 1926 aluminum was added to the line and Reynolds Metals became…

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