Ill-informed opinions build on wind farm ignorance

Some information here on wind farms and the health effects. Check out on the site, Project Central Wind that sits within the central North Island’s Rangitikei District, Ruapehu District, and Manawatu-Wanganui Region.

Smart Meter News

This sentiment applies to the ignorance and corruption surrounding the Noise pollution produced by the smart grid. This is a far larger problem than the wind turbines because the infrasound and other very low frequency illegal pure tones being emitted by the power lines is ubiquitous, exposing everyone who is exposed to the smart grid, so there is no where to run or escape the torture.  We share the same symptoms and although it is a travesty victims of wind turbines can move away from them.  I wonder though, if you are hearing the smart grid noise and don’t realize it is not just the turbines impacting you…..Sandaura

Ill-informed opinions build on wind farm ignorance

A heartfelt letter by Melissa Ware in response to a previous ignorant comment.

By Melissa Ware

SENATORS and public servants, please listen to the doctors and [not] Ms Hawkins’ ill informed knowledge on wind farm health…

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